Our data centers

Sweden's most environmentally friendly and modern data centers

We put safety first. Therefore, we operate and own all our data centers and all the underlying network infrastructure.

In our data centers you get top-notch security, modern infrastructure and unparalleled connectivity – easily connect to the internet, to other operators and to your cloud provider. All at reasonable prices, with no hidden costs.

All our data centers are located in Sweden, centrally in the country’s city centers. This provides extra low latency and good connectivity for cars and public transport.

Best possible connectivity

State-of-the-art facilities with extremely good car and public transport connections.

Pionen (Stockholm)

World-renowned data center in a nuclear-armed Cold War shelter buried under Vita Bergen in Södermalm.


Thule (Stockholm)

Sweden’s most central data center in Brunkebergsåsen in the heart of Stockholm.


Sparven (Malmö)

In the middle of Lugnet, fiber from all over the city converges with connections to Europe and the world.


S:t Erik (Stockholm)

Modern data center with unique connectivity and high fiber density, in Vasastan in Stockholm.


Elementica (Stockholm)

Our upcoming data center in Norra Djurgårdsstaden in central Stockholm is also our biggest and most environment friendly. 

Physical security and environmental considerations

Shell protection & access

Three layers of physical shell protection for your equipment and strict allocation of access for visitors.

Fire protection

Our advanced systems detect smoke immediately. Inside the server halls, we have gas extinguishing systems that smother the flames without affecting operations.

Monitoring and alarms

Camera surveillance of both alarm companies and Bahnhofs on call 24/7 365. Direct connection to the alarm center.


We design and build customized cage solutions for those who need extra layers of physical shielding.

Tailored security

Choose from several options including camera surveillance, seals and your own lock cylinder.

Electricity & power

Green electricity, dual UPS and diesel generators as backup.


The heat is reused both in our data centers and in the rest of the district heating network.


Redundant cooling production minimizes the risk of interruption.

Accurate electricity billing

Pay only for the electricity you use thanks to monitored disconnections.

Based in Sweden​

We take security seriously, which is why your solution is run in Sweden’s most modern data centre, entirely under Bahnhof’s auspices. All our facilities are certified by Based in Sweden which guarantees 100% secure storage on Swedish soil, under Swedish law. This provides maximum protection against eavesdropping, corporate espionage and government surveillance.


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