DDoS Protection

Powerful protection against overload attacks

You get a powerful protection against DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service), the most common type of cyber attack.

The protection is fully integrated into our network and infrastructure, so that the protected services get maximum performance and minimum latency.

What are DDoS attacks?

DDoS attacks are technically simple attacks that cause a lot of damage. The attack involves huge amounts of data traffic overwhelming a target. It could be a server, an intranet – anything connected to the internet. The result: the target is overloaded and becomes unusable.

It simply becomes impossible for you to accomplish anything. It simply becomes impossible for you to accomplish anything.

For an attacker, denial of service attacks are unfortunately both easy and cheap to perform. But the consequences are anything but simple. Businesses can be down for days, resulting in lost productivity and major repair efforts. But the attacks are also easy to prevent – all it takes is good DDoS protection!

Choose the protection that suits you

Standard - Volume protection

Protection Bahnhof’s edge network, that detects early changes in traffic patterns, traffic volume and removes harmful traffic.


Advanced - Volume protection & traffic filtering

In addition to volume protection, traffic is also analysed by servers located closer to your environment and they filter out packets that belong to the attack.


Customised solution with your own resources provides the highest possible performance and flexibility. Ongoing reports and service 24/7 365.

City of Stockholm chooses Bahnhof's DDoS-protected internet

– The need for DDoS protection with traffic washing was a new and important point in our procurement. It was also something that we realised that not all suppliers on the market can offer. In addition, it required high bandwidth and a stable internet supply. We are very happy with the implementation.

Petter Österlund, Technology Manager, S:t Erik Communication.

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What is included?


Volume protection


Volume protection & traffic filtering


Customised protection

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